Ministry of Education and CPF jointly kick off “CPF Jump Start” to enhance vocational students’ capability

Ministry of Education and CPF jointly kick off “CPF Jump Start” to enhance vocational students’ capability

The Ministry of Education’s Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. (CPF), under which “CPF Jump Start” Project will be launched to equip vocational students with skills and experiences necessary for their future careers.

“CPF Jump Start – First Professional Step” is a pilot project of their collaborative effort, to churn out desirable human resources for the business and industrial sectors in support of the country’s economic development. The curriculum is jointly designed for students in vocational to higher vocational levels as well as those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in technology and operations.

The MoU signing ceremony at OVEC’s office was presided over by Deputy Education Minister and Acting Education Minister Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich. Signing the MoU were Dr. Suthep Chitayawong, Secretary of the Office of Vocational Education Commission, and Mr. Prasit Boondoungprasert, Chief Executive Officer of CPF.

Khunying Kalaya stressed that the MoU marked a historic and significant collaboration, whereby a leading company is contributing knowledge, experiences and technology and engaged in course designing and implementation.

“My admiration goes to CPF for its emphasis on education, particularly when the country requires contribution from all parties. CPF’s supports will benefit our endeavor and will inspire other companies and entrepreneurs and other industries to follow suit. That two organizations synergize their strengths and jointly develop human resources will speed up the development process and leapfrog Thailand’s education progress. This will support the country’s competitiveness and produce the resources that better meet market demands. The effort will buoy the economy and energize further economic development,” Khunying Kalaya said.

Mr. Prasit added that as a leading agro-industrial and food conglomerate with the upstream to downstream supply chain (Feed-Farm-Food), CPF sits on vast knowledge and business management expertise. Under the ‘3-Benefit’ principles to create prosperity for the country, society and the Company, CPF seeks deeper engagement in improving practical skills.

“CPF Jump Start – First Professional Step” is aimed at improving the quality of vocational education. CPF’s knowledge will be transferred to vocational students in various patterns. Under a dual education pattern, vocational students studying the subjects that are related to CPF’s operations throughout the supply chain will be trained by relevant departments and earn training hours or grades based on their performance. The educational pattern allows systematic training, which will not only equip the students with professional skills but also soft skills in working with others. The students will thus directly benefit from the training. CPF is eyeing to replicate the project at other educational institutions.

In addition, CPF has launched the “CPF Top Dish” project, whereby students wanting to become a restaurant owner in the New Normal era gain supports to create Cloud Kitchen. Under the “School Farm and Farm School” project, knowledge on modern agriculture is shared through smart farming technology under the objective to produce exemplary farmers.

“I hereby thank the Office of Vocational Education Commission for this opportunity that allows CPF’s engagement with education development. I’m confident that “CPF Jump Start – First Professional Step” will efficiently bring about benefits to vocational students,” Mr. Prasit said.

At the ceremony, Dr. Suthep praised CPF’s attention to vocational education and supports to improve vocational students’ capability and professional skills through training opportunities. CPF also involves with course designing and recruitment of students for the dual education and training. The opportunities to learn from experts, familiarize themselves with modern technology at a leading company and earn extra income during school breaks are extended to vocational and higher vocational students as well as undergrad students pursuing degrees in technology or operations in food, nutrition, retailing, agricultural and related fields.

“I believe that OVEC and CPF’s collaborative effort will deliver benefits to vocational education, so that quality personnel can be produced and drive the national development forward,” Dr. Suthep said.

Source: CPF

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