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CMKL University Held the Dinner Symposium Under the Topic of “Prepare for Sustainable Future: Tackling World Crisis Through Artificial Intelligence”

CMKL University Held the Dinner Symposium Under the Topic of “Prepare for Sustainable Future: Tackling World Crisis Through Artificial Intelligence”

Attended by hundreds of special guests including board of trustees, committee members, sponsors, session chairs, organization leaders, academia professors, and students, the inspiring CMKL University Dinner Symposium highlighted the future of AI technology and its impact on humanity. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, located next to the iconic Chao Praya River, on December 14, 2022, the dinner symposium hosted by CMKL University at the Millennium Hilton Hotel led by Professor Surakiart Sathirathai, Chair of the Board of Trustees, CMKL University, and Chairman of Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council.

CMKL University has proven to be one of Thailand’s leading University in AI technology. At CMKL University, we aim to educate the next generation of engineers and leaders in the field of AI technology. The dinner symposium has provided prestigious guests with knowledge and pleasure. Exquisite 3-course fine dining menu specially crafted with care from renowned chefs and powerful speeches on thought-provoking topics regarding AI technology, such as “Empowering citizens for AI and the future of work”. Attendees’ minds are enriched with impactful topics about AI technology and how it is beneficial to mankind. The dinner symposium has emphasized CMKL vision for the development of AI technology in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Experts and professors are invited to share their presentations, expressing in-depth ideas on challenging topics such as “The role of artificial intelligence in tackling the world’s toughest problems for a sustainable future”; for at CMKL, we believe in making the world a better place. True to the saying, “When courage, genius, and generosity hold hands, all things are possible,” enabling endless possibilities.

In today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, business organizations and government sectors need to be fast adopters of AI technology while building their own unique digital capabilities. For the future development of Thailand as a whole, both the private and public sectors will have to work hand in hand. However, one of the most important aspects of future development is, no doubt, education. Education is the backbone of a nation, and here at CMKL, we prepare future generations for a bright future.

CMKL’s AiCE program offers a solution to these challenges. The program exposes undergraduates to Artificial Intelligence concepts and methods, along with other core computer engineering topics, from the very first semester. AiCE uses an innovative, self-directed, competency-based curriculum that allows each student to develop their full potential. Competency-based learning is an active-learning approach in which students work to acquire and demonstrate essential skills rather than to parrot rote learning on formal examinations. The curriculum gives the students autonomy to plan their own study paths, set their own deadlines and manage their own learning activities. Our objective is to develop skills for life-long learning, which will be crucial to their success in a world where constant disruption is normal

At CMKL University and with every prestigious guest attending this special symposium, we all share the same goals: “Prepare for Sustainable Future: Tackling World Crises through Artificial Intelligence”. A tough challenges that we are eager to face, for at CMKL University we uphold the value of enabling endless possibilities.

Source:  CMKL University

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