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CMKL University Boasts the Vibrant Location and Destination for Students

CMKL University Boasts the Vibrant Location and Destination for Students

Situated in the heart of Asia, Bangkok is a city filled with rich history and culture, a humming metropolis that is both vibrant and exciting. The Thai capital, known as Krung Thep or “City of Angels” to locals, is home to many people from various backgrounds and ethnicities, attracting newcomers across the globe with its unique cultural heritage, accessibility, and vision for the future. A melting pot of contrast, from the heavy traffic in the Silom district to the languid long-tail boats gently floating along the Chao Phraya River, this city is just waiting for everyone to come upon it.

CMKL University is a dynamic university located in the Lat Krabang area, near the outskirts of Bangkok. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city center yet accessible by a direct train line, the university offers students a peaceful and relaxing environment—the best of both worlds. CMKL University pursues high levels of excellence combined with innovation and creativity. The university aims to create a sustainable future with the development of AI technology. Thus, CMAL instill this vision in  students and encourage them to work for the betterment of mankind. In the vital city of Bangkok, CMKL University is where innovation meets creativity, a starting point where sustainable development goes hand in hand with AI technology.

Discover CMKL University

CMKL University emphasizes diversity, global vision, and intercultural learning as an international university. Our university’s faculty and professors are recruited from around the world; east meets west. Despite being a new university recently established, a dual-degree ECE graduate program at CMKL University is established as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL). By applying Carnegie Mellon’s globally acclaimed research and education programs within a regional context, CMKL tackles challenges that will drive the future development of Thailand and the ASEAN community. In addition, CMKL University offers single-degree programs in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Engineering and Technology & Creative Innovation. The AiCE program uses an innovative, self-directed, competency-based curriculum that allows each student to develop his or her full potential. Competency-based learning is an active-learning approach in which students work to acquire and demonstrate essential skills rather than parrot rote learning on formal examinations. On the other hand, Technology and Creative Innovation (MSTCI) is a unique interdisciplinary program with a strong professional focus that brings together the brightest scholars and professionals from the fields of arts/design, engineering/technology, and business/management. CMKL University strives to provide students with the best cutting-edge engineering research environment and the best education in Southeast Asia.

Moving and Living in Bangkok

Shaun Stevens, an American student who studied a dual-degree ECE PhD program at the CMKL campus, has fully experienced Bangkok’s diversity, culture, and landscapes. Whether the students spend the day visiting the famous temple, Wat Phra Kaew, languidly walking along the riverside looking at or taking a ride on the long-tail boat floating gently on the Chao Phraya River, haggling in the Chatuchak weekend market, or shopping at renowned world-class malls in Siam, Bangkok has it all. Shuan shared his experience about a journey in downtown Bangkok, got lost wandering, and, with the help of friendly locals, finally made his way back. Reflecting on his numerous adventures, Shuan regales some of the memorable experiences, from trying the local food at the floating market to watching the sunset at the Le Bua hotel’s rooftop Sirrocco bar. Delicious Som-Tum, Tom yum goong, Khao soi, Mango & Sticky rice, and Thai BBQ were just icing on the cake! However, some of his fondest memories were meeting friends and other new students at CMKL University. Shuan mentioned that studying in Thailand has broadened his vision for his future goals. It is an experience Shuan would not have gained had he not embarked on the journey to Thailand.

Source:  CMKL University

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