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51Talk Launches In-Person 1-on-1 Online English Teaching Platform for Young Learners

51Talk Launches In-Person 1-on-1 Online English Teaching Platform for Young Learners

51Talk, the leading online English education global platform that specializes in providing learners with live online English lessons, has launched in Thailand to expand its mission of giving everyone the language skills they need to talk to the world. English language learners in Thailand can now arrange fun, interactive lessons with highly qualified teachers on 51Talk’s easy-to-use platform and accelerate their language learning.

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:COE), 51Talk (pronounced FIVE ONE Talk) was established in 2011 and now supports the English development of 40 million children in over 50 countries in regions of Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Americas, and Europe, which teaches more than 100 million lessons.

Designed for young and teen learners aged 3-15, the 51Talk platform allows parents to choose from over 20,000 TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualified teachers. Each 51Talk teacher undergoes more than 100 hours of professional training, including learning about child psychology as well as techniques and second language teaching skills.

When ready to learn, students can choose their preferred teacher based on ratings from other students, nationality, experience, and the date and time they want to study. All lessons are on a one-to-one basis, giving students dedicated support to help them improve their English. Classes aim to cultivate students’ interest in English learning while teaching them listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

51Talk comprehensively designs its textbook system which follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an international standard for describing language ability. This ensures every learner is developing in line with internationally established standards, and follows the Children’s English international examination path to help guide clear and measurable growth for each student.

“Young students in Thailand are now very familiar with taking online classes as this became normal during the pandemic. At 51Talk we provide a unique experience, allowing children to benefit from one-to-one sessions with a qualified teacher that they choose to learn with. This format gives parents and students the flexibility to plan when they learn, the chance to try lessons with different teachers, and the possibility to review the class afterwards. It’s proven to be very successful around the world and we are excited that Thai kids can now use 51Talk to boost their English language skills and prepare them to talk to the world,” said Jack Huang, CEO of 51Talk.

Young 51Talk students have excelled across the world, and in 2019 star pupils were invited to make a speech in English at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. In 2018, 51Talk developed the Air Class, an online classroom that connects students from around the world in one ‘room’ so they can learn and communicate together.

Be part of our community and get a free one-to-one trial class easily with a real foreign-qualified teacher by visiting the 51Talk Thailand website or

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