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China South Publishing & Media Group and Times Publishing Limited enter a strategic partnership to facilitate cultural exchanges between China and Singapore

China South Publishing & Media Group and Times Publishing Limited enter a strategic partnership to facilitate cultural exchanges between China and Singapore

In the afternoon of May 28, 2023, China South Publishing & Media Group (CNS) and Times Publishing Limited (TPL) held a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony at the China Cultural Centre in Singapore, opening a new chapter in the collaboration between China and Singapore and facilitating cultural exchanges between two organisations.

The MoU signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Siew Peng Yim, CEO, TPL, and signed by Mr. Yeoh Cheng Poh, Head of Education, Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) and Ms. Li Hui, Vice Chairman of Hunan Publishing Investment (HPI) Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang Dou, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of China South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd., senior leaders from TPL, MCE, HPI and CNS were also present at the event.

CNS is the first publicly listed publication and media company in China with businesses covering publishing, printing, distribution, journalism, new media, and finance. It is a large-scale publishing and media group involving multi-media and all aspects of the publishing industry value chain. It has also been selected as one of the “Top 30 Chinese Cultural Enterprises” for 14 consecutive years and is ranked among the top listed publishing companies in China in terms of market value.

Times Publishing Limited is one of the premier media groups in Asia-Pacific owned by Fraser and Neave, Limited and is highly regarded for its dedication to four core competencies – publishing, printing, distribution, and retail. Under the group’s publishing arm, through its education brand Marshall Cavendish Education is the largest education solutions provider headquartered in Singapore with businesses in more than 90 countries.

Both CNS and TPL has a long-standing history of cooperation. Hunan Education Publishing House, a subsidiary of CNS, and MCE, a subsidiary of TPL, once jointly published the “Chinese Made Perfect” series, which saw successful distribution through mainstream channels in Southeast Asia and received widespread acclaim.

Mr. Siew Peng Yim, CEO, Times Publishing Limited, shared in his speech that, “We are thrilled to continue the partnership with China South Publishing & Media Group to bring Chinese cultural values to more countries around the world. Formal diplomatic ties between China-Singapore relations began way back in the 1990. Recently, China and Singapore embraced a new era of high-quality cooperation, this will provide for more business-friendly environment between both countries.”

He added, “We hope to build on the success of our co-published the “Chinese Made Perfect” series and the positive ties of China-Singapore relations to collaboratively produce and distribute high-quality education resources to China, Singapore, and other parts of the world.”

Ms. Li Hui noted in her speech that, “The governments of China and Singapore jointly announced that China and Singapore will further establish high-quality comprehensive partnerships, and this would provide guidance for the development of China-Singapore relations in the new era.

The establishment of the strategic partnership between CNS and TPL indicates that the two sides are ready to respond to new publishing trends, leveraging on the good relationship between the two countries and to successfully grow its businesses together. CNS will work together with TPL to provide educators with high quality educational products and services, and to nurture the joy of learning in children and broaden their horizon.”

Representatives of China South Publishing & Media Group and Times Publishing Limited presented the “Chinese Made Perfect” and “Beautiful Tang Poetry” Series of Books to the Singapore China Cultural Centre as a token of appreciation.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest

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