Top of Thailand : Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards

Top of Thailand : Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education that recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations worldwide. The learner with the highest overall standard mark in the world or the country receives the award for that particular subject.

This year, we are proud to announce that we have three winners of the High Achievement Award in Thailand, which indicates that they achieved the highest mark in a subject and came top in Thailand. Our winners in 2023 are Jie Hua, who achieved the top mark in A-Level Further Mathematics, Rainna, who performed the top mark in A-Level Psychology, and Mos, who earned the top mark in AS Literature in the November 2022 series.

These awards are a testament not only to the relentless dedication and hard work exhibited by these students but also to the unwavering support and guidance provided by their educators from their primary years through to Year 13.

Mr. Neil, the Head of Secondary, said, “I take great pride, in my role as a senior leader within the school for many years, to have contributed to the growth and development of all the award winners throughout their time at St. Stephen’s. Additionally, as one of Jie Hua’s Further Mathematics teachers alongside Mr. Gareth, I am particularly thrilled to have played a key part in guiding him to achieve this well-deserved accolade.”

Congratulations to our remarkable Outstanding Learner award recipients!

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