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JobsDB Equips University Students for Their Coming Career Life amidst the Talent War

JobsDB Equips University Students for Their Coming Career Life amidst the Talent War

JobsDB and more than 20 leading universities across the country join forces to provide students with opportunities to learn and improve their skills in the “Gear up  for the coming career life with JobsDB: With a Good Job…Everything is Good” campaign. The event is in line with the mission of creating a platform that assists entrepreneurs and job seekers, particularly first jobbers and students across the country, with the skills needed for the dream job that matches their desired lifestyle amidst economic uncertainties and a rapidly changing new working world.

According to the “2022-2023 Outlook – Hiring, Compensation, and Benefits Report,” nearly half of the companies surveyed hired fresh grads in the previous year, with 7 out of 10 large organizations hiring recent graduates, and more than half hiring interns. Criteria and reasons for hiring fresh graduates are interview performance, attitudes towards work, and field of study. This hiring trend continues to surge every year.

Given the phenomenon mentioned in the above paragraph altogether with the ongoing commitment to become the “No.1 Trusted Talent Partner,” JobsDB continues its annual activity “University On-Ground Activation”, which focuses on educating soon-to-be graduates on jobseeking in the increasingly competitive Talent War. With adept advice and guidance, fresh graduates will land the job that matters to them and that matches their desired lifestyle. JobsDB has currently collaborated with over 20 universities including Bangkok University across the country, and many experienced guest speakers, including Pimpawat Kamolsiri, Ph.D., Organization Development Consultant from the IEQ Center Company Ltd., whom invited to share  an update on job market trends, in-demand jobs, preparation for the career life, writing professional resumes, and job interview tips. We also offer a Resume Clinic where experts from JobsDB review your resumes. Various booths also offer activities to boost confidence for job application and spark ideas.

Duangporn Promon, Managing Director of Jobs DB Recruitment (Thailand) Limited, said, “In today’s world, the hiring trends of corporate titans and entrepreneurs fluctuate with consumer behavior. As a result, the demand for good and skilled talents will continue to change and grow every year. JobsDB is a job search platform that is not only a facilitator for entrepreneurs but also a partner for job seekers. We are not only the bridge that matches people with jobs. We encourage and motivate job seekers by providing knowledge to help them hone their skills and compete in the increasingly intense competition. Our activity, ” Gear up for the coming career life with JobsDB: With a Good Job…Everything is Good,” has been very successful and recognized by many universities  wanting to collaborate with us in order to have an access to JobsDB’s insights and information their students are seeking for.”

For universities interested in helping to lay the groundwork for new graduates’ success, contact us for more information at [email protected]

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