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TCRBF Tang To’s new advanced financial literacy programs accredited by UTCC

TCRBF Tang To’s new advanced financial literacy programs accredited by UTCC

Thai Credit Retail Bank Foundation (TCRBF) led by the bank director Krisana Aramkulchai recently received accreditation certificates from the School of Accountancy of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) for Tang To Know-how’s advanced financial literacy programs. The certified programs, including “Business and Financial Preparation for Small Business Owners,” aims to strengthen businesses for sustainable growth, while “Financial Literacy and Skills for Salary Earners” is designed to create personal financial planning for stability in retirement

TCRBF has upgraded basic financial literacy into an in-depth program, which is intensive and comprehensive for small business owners. In addition, the program provides a tool that offers practical application to enhance business potential for stable growth.

TCRBF mainly focuses on the trained small business owners from the Tang To Know-how basic program and those who are both ready and determined to develop their businesses for stable and sustainable growth in the future. The Foundation through Thai Credit Retail Bank will initially organize an on-site training program for 500 pilot participants.

The “Financial Literacy and Skills for Salary Earners” program, meanwhile, has been designed to build financial security and will cover expenses, emergencies, and retirement. The program is open to all salary earners or people who have a regular income in both the public and private sectors. It will provide a path to personal financial planning covering financial goals, financial status, assets and debts, expense management, debt management, savings, tax calculation, and financial risk management. The Foundation will provide on-site training and online training on Facebook Live:  ตังค์โต Know-how twice a month on every second and fourth Thursday, allowing participants to chat with speakers in real-time.

In addition to individuals, organizations recognizing the importance of providing financial knowledge and skills to their staff can contact the Thai Credit Contact Center at 02 697 5454. TCRBF will then arrange the training at the organizations at no cost.

Based on the ‘Everyone Matters’ philosophy, the TCRBF is determined to improve quality of life and empower small business owners and especially merchants who don’t have access to a source of financial literacy, which is crucial to building financial immunity and running a business for sustainable growth.

Source: Maxima Consultants

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